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The Women behind Sage and Celery:

Sharon, a wife and mom of two beautiful girls, has always had love for food and cooking. After owning a bakery for five years, she woke up one day and realized sugar was controlling her life in more ways than one. She set out to make positive changes, not only in her eating habits, but in her way of life. She immediately enrolled in the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and is now a Holistic Health Coach. She now enjoys bringing happiness into the lives of other through healthy baked goods.

Samantha has always had a passion for health and fitness. Playing sports from an early age into her college career, fitness was in her blood. After living in NYC and San Francisco and working in corporate America she found herself living an unhealthy lifestyle filled with stress. She moved to Atlanta for her husband and recommitted herself to her passion. Samantha is a barre3 and Scuplthouse fitness instructor and a graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

Now you may be asking yourself, what do these two ladies have in common? After all, they are years apart in age.  Well they have more in common than you, wellness and fitness is obvious but they also share a passion for helping people. Helping people find the best version of themselves through a natural way of living. That, and they are crazy about family and their dogs! So in a way - they are soul sisters...just born years apart.

A Note from Sharon and Samantha:

We are so happy you found our blog and we hope it is a place where you find inspiration and support. Our mission in starting Sage and Celery is to bring you tools to living a healthy and natural way of life. With each post we hope it takes you one step closer to being the best, most vibrant version of yourself!