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Why You Should be Using Natural Deodorant

Sharon Muse

Don't sweat it, we've got you covered! There's a lot of talk about natural deodorants these days and we wanted to give you the facts on why everyone is telling you to ditch your deodorant and go natural and why we have made the switch too.

The active ingredient in most conventional antiperspirants is aluminum, which actually clogs or closes your pores to prevent you from sweating. In theory this may sound good because who wants sweaty pits? But the downside of preventing sweat can be pretty serious. Closed pores result in a sweat build up that can cause unsightly bumps that may become painful as well. The trapped sweat can hold bacteria and lead to a bad odor. 

If you think that sounds bad, is just the tip of the iceberg. Aluminum is known as a neurotoxin that has been linked to such diseases as Alzheimer's and certain cancers.  Some studies suggest it may be a contributing factor in breast cancer. Most breast cancer tissues develop in the upper outer part of the breast near the armpit. The research shows the aluminum compound is absorbed by the skin and may cause changes in the estrogen receptors of the breast cells.

Aluminum is just one ingredient, there are many others that have dangerous side effects including:

  • Propylene Glycol: according to the dangers are skin irritation and allergic reaction, potentially toxic to the kidney and liver and neurological symptoms.
  • Petrolatum: side effects include breast tumors, premature aging, and aggravated acne. Site:
  • Talc: Toxic to non-reproductive organs and if it contains asbestiform fibers then it is considered a carcinogen. Site:

The are more on the list, but I think you see where this is going. Natural deodorants are just that, they control the odor and do so with natural ingredients like lavender oil and rosemary leaf extract and contain other natural ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, and shea butter. 

There is a bit of a learning curve to these natural deodorants, but don't let that deter you. The benefits far out way the initial change. For example, you may experience a detoxification period of no more than two weeks while your body is purging itself of the aluminum and other toxic chemicals (this may cause an odor you are not used to). You will definitely sweat; while these deodorants are designed to absorb moisture and eliminate odor they don't have any ingredients that actually clog the sweat glands like conventional antiperspirants, so your underarms might feel a little wetter when you are exercising. But hey, sweating is so good for you!

Both Samantha and I have made the switch and had different experiences, so it just depends on the person. Some people tend to be sensitive to baking soda, which is a common ingredient in natural deodorants, and that may cause a rash on your underarm. If you develop a rash or already know you are sensitive to baking soda, make sure you look for a brand that doesn't use it. We found that Native is our favorite natural deodorant, but don't be afraid to try a few brands to find out which one works best with your body. One thing is for sure, we do not miss the chemical filled deodorants that clog our pores and are to blame for the yellow stains on our favorite white t-shirts!